Patterns :Indienne Moutarde
Size :18x26", 45x65 cm

Indienne Mustard Kitchen Towel Set Giftbox

Printed Towels Giftbox printed & two-colored woven, 100% Cotton, 18x26", 45x65 cm

49 EURNew


Luxury unique Home Textiles developed in limited edition by Pastisse.

Our Gift Box is unique. Made to measure to fit perfectly a set of matching Kitchen Towels. It is crafted by skillful French artisans.

  • Original Hand Drawing
  • Original Tow-colored Woven
  • Unique size : 18 x 26"
  • Flat Hem
  • Ribbon Hook
  • One sided printed fabric
  • 100% Coton
  • Handmade printed cardboard box
  • Made in France


Our solid box is perfect to store our Linens or any precious items you care for. You can reuse our giftbox in many creative ways !


Our woven fabric is unique. We developed our own specific weave : the wave. Our signature weave gives a fluffy touch and absorbent properties to our textile, with style !

Middle weight fabric. Suitable for home textiles. Mixed uses.


Our Cotton is super soft, thanks to our super-secret mechanical treatment. Its exceptional natural touch is addictive.

Our dyes, prints and textiles are stabilized. No worries for bleeding or shrinking if you follow the appropriate Care instructions.

Our hand-crafted production process might result in potential slight variations of shape, color and dimensions of our products.


Our Home Textiles are woven in South-West of France.

They are printed and crafted less than 100km away from our studio in France.

Discover our Philosophy.

Working only with the best French workshops is part of our identity. We are committed to create and maintain a sustainable and authentic luxurious Textile brand. Discover Pastisse values, materials, Products and more on Brand.

Discover our Philosophy.

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